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IFS (Internal Family Systems)

IFS is in English-speaking countries one of the fastest growing Therapy systems.

IFS believes that people have different parts that interact with each other. These can make themselves felt in different ways: through thoughts, feelings, sensations, images, words, inner voices and physical symptoms. These personality aspects feel & act in us like independent beings. They push us forwards, slow us down or hold old pain in us. 

Most of us have little control over these—often extreme—aspects. We identify with those parts and then automatically react to situations in our lives.

During coaching I will accompany you sensitively and appreciatively. With my support you can connect at your own pace with your invulnerable inner being (what IFS calles the Self) that lives in each of us. You learn to build a loving relationship with your parts. And figure out what they want to achieve for us and why they do what they do.

If you learn to take control of your parts from your true Self, you can harmonize your inner system. Thus you will have more and more choices about how you want to behave. ...

Creating space for more self-love, trust, courage, serenity and creativity in your life.
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Person Centered Counselling

The focus is on the person - not the problem. Carl Rogers' approach is about people with their unmistakable essence. This core is like a seed in each individual and urges to unfold. 

As a counselor, I treat you as equal. I listen to you and accept you exactly as you are, unconditionally and without prejudice. Through this relationship, in which you will  feel completely seen and approved of, you can understand and accept yourself better. You learn to develop the abilities hidden within you and to find solutions to your problems yourself.…

... because you know best what is right for you.
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NLP stands for neuro-linguistic programming.

For me, NLP is a magic chest full of lively coaching methods that are very effective and really fun.

... and the good news that we already have all the resources within us that we need for long-awaited changes.

Resources are aids that can catapult us from a problematic state to a desirable state. Something like strong positive memories, experiences, feelings, inner images or acquired knowledge.     

Systemic Coaching

Solves problems & achieves goals by involving relationships.  

People are influenced and shaped by their environment. Depending on which system they are currently active in, they behave differently. You, too, probably behave completely differently at work than in a sports club or towards your parents.

The key to solving the problem does not only lie within you. We assume that every disorder also fulfills a specific purpose in the system and together we try to uncover the function of the symptoms within the system.

Let's look at your important relationships together. ... and try to recognize the behavior patterns within a system, a group, that trigger the symptoms in you.

Important NOTE!

Coaching and counseling are means of personality development with the goal to improve the life situation. This happens e.g. by activating  individual Self-Resources and dealing with individual or social conflicts, provided they are below the threshold of illness. My coaching does not replace a clinical diagnosis or treatment by a doctor, psychotherapist or psychiatrist.
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