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... just the way you are!

I would like to invite you to bring everything that moves, burdens or challenges YOU at this moment into your *IFS Coaching. 
Maybe also what you want to create space for in your life.
... everything that is important to YOU at the moment.



*IFS stands for Internal Family Systems. You can find more information about it here:
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Do you want to ...

  • get to know, feel and love yourself better?
  • master the small and big challenges in your life more easily?
  • Allow changes in your life?
  • find a way to deal with stressful situations more calmly?
  • Develop self-compassion?
  • change unloved behavior patterns?
  • find YOUR purpose?
  • develop a better intuition?
  • handle conflict better?
  • make right decisions?
  • improve your relationships?
  • do what YOU really love?
  • develop a life balance that suits you?
  • become the boss in your life?
Image by McKenna Estes

Together we will create with IFS a space where ...

  • you can show yourself openly as you are, with all your sides.
  • you can feel seen, heard and deeply understood by yourself & by me as a coach.
  • you can feel a deep connection WITH YOURSELF.
  • you can access your inner treasure chest.
  • you develop security, which is the right solution for you.
  • Change can happen out of YOU.
Karin Hutter, Raumschaffen Coaching & Beratung



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