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IFS Meditation
– Exploring the Source

by Karin
Marienkäfer auf einem Zweig
00:00 / 15:15
This IFS (Internal Family Systems) meditation is inspired by Frank Anderson. I will invite you to focus your attention on your parts that are present in this moment. As you approach them with open curiosity you will gradually gain more and more access to your Core Self. Eventually, you open yourself completely to that inner source within you from which you can nourish all of your parts.

You can listen to more of my IFS meditations for free at via Insight Timer Website or App:

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What IFS Meditation can do for you

Of course, you can use different IFS Meditations to get to know your inner parts better, e. g. to understand and appreciate their motivations. But meditation is also a great tool for integrating what you have experienced in between IFS sessions. For example, if you want to stay connected with a wounded part, a daily check-in can greatly deepen her trust in you.

A consistent ritual (e.g. an IFS meditation) will help you stay on track, to remember your parts in the daily craziness and to incorporate your inner guidance.

... in order to experience a deeper sense of harmony and balance within yourself.
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